Tips on Renting a Place to Live

A lot of people around the world don’t necessarily have the luxury to own and buy their new house to live in. Groups of people such as students who are studying at universities far from home, for instance, are those that don’t have a capacity to purchase an apartment, a condo unit or a house to live in because of many other finances such as tuition fee and food. This is precisely the reason why a lot of these individuals have no choice but to rent.  


However, renting a house in Virginia could be very tricky. The relationship between tenants and landlords are always rife, thus, what can you do in order to have a stress-free renting process? 

Listed in this article are some tips on how to rent a place to call home. Read on! 

  • Fight the Fees 

One of the root causes of disputes is money. The relationship between tenants, agents and landlords are oftentimes chaotic because there is no clear agreement on the modes of payment, on how much really is the cost of the place to rent and when should be the deadline to pay rent. As a tenant, you have to know these things in order to have a smooth stay in the unit that you’ve rented. Moreover, as much as possible, look for a place that you can surely afford- those that you don’t need to haggle and ask for extensions once the deadline is on the rise. Through, not only your relationship to the agent and landlord will be saved but also your reputation as a tenant.  

  • Don’t ignore the contract 

You have to make sure of the kind of agreement that you have between you and the landlord. You should never sign anything especially when there are things that are not clear to you because the danger is that you might have to pay more because of some extra charges that could be avoided once you are knowledgeable of the contract that you are about to sign. Read the agreements and explore if the contract has some relevant information such as rent covers, about your exiting as well as the rules and regulations while living in the place.  

  • Check how your deposited is being protected 

Some places to rent often ask for a one-month deposit on top of your initial monthly payment. This will be used once you don’t get to pay a delayed month, or you fail to give the amount of the remaining balance that you have. Essential as it is, you have to make sure that the agent or the landlord protect the deposit you give because you’ll never know when to use it in the future.  

Tenants, especially students, should always know when to seek help. For example, some places to rent require a ‘guarantor’ who will have to pay the cost of the rent especially when it is missed. However, you have to inform your parents or anyone that will act as a guarantor that they will have to pay not only the unpaid rent but also the damages that you will create under the duration of your stay in the place. That’s why you have to be responsible for everything that you do. So keeping it clean should be treated in the same regard if you want to ensure you get back any security deposit!

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